10 Reasons You Must Change to Solar Energy

A growing number of individuals and nations have come to realize solar energy as a source of endless benefits. It is a clean, self-sufficient power that does not harm mother nature and only demands the sun rays and a clean source of water to function. Therefore, solar energy has many benefits to offer and a variety of applications, whether generating electricity, heat, etc. Following we present you 10 reasons why you must change to solar energy.

1 Free source of energy

Solar energy is available to benefit from freely. Unlike natural gas, petroleum, and other fossil fuels, no one owns this nearly-infinite source of power, our sun. You pay for the means with which you transform this energy into electricity, which is the solar panels. It is why the more the time passes, the more their economic benefits manifest. Solar power saves you a lot of money in the long term. Another application of solar energy is to use it for heating with the aid of solar thermal systems. They function as converters of sunlight to heating solutions.

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Solar-panels-Home-Fall-675x450 10 Reasons You Must Change to Solar Energy

2 Durable system

The solar companies help in reducing the service interruptions and make the solar power system an excellent investment. You do not need to worry about rough wind, heavy snowfall, and other extreme weather conditions, for solar panels can withstand them. Besides,  many solar panels installers provide their clients with long-term warranties to fix the damages in the panels, in case they happened.

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3 You could go off the grid

Solar power guarantees your energy independence a massive boost. By switching to solar electricity,  you go off the grid, enjoying cheap electricity. It also protects you from any unexpected rise in utility prices. You indeed do yourself great favor when passing up the volatile market of fossil fuels and its altering prices. Besides, your solar system would serve you in the nighttime, cloudy and rainy days via the solar battery storage systems.

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4 Less electricity loss and more grid security

Typically, electricity is generated in large power plants, then extended series of networks transport it to you, the end-customers, across long distances. The process ultimately results in power loss. When you go solar, it is like using a shortcut where you get the energy directly from the sun via the solar panels on the roof. This quite short distance equals more electricity efficiency. Besides, when you turn your energy source domestic, it means that you have your own small power plant which guarantees extra power grid security. Electricity blackouts become less likely as well.

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5 Aids the industry to flourish

What can achieve this better than many people adopting solar energy as a power source? The more this happens, the more flourishing will the solar panel manufacturers, and installers get. The industry provided a lot of jobs in the US, and therefore, regarded as a massive contributor to the economy of the country, according to the Solar Foundation.

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6 Affects the property value

A property equipped with a solar system would indeed stand out among the crowd.  There are studies that stated that solar energy systems raise the value of the place considerably.  One of them, conducted by the National Laboratory in California, found that buyers were ready to pay extra fifteen thousand dollars for a solar-paneled home. This fact indicates that the personal employment of solar power is getting more and more acceptable to homebuyers; They have become more educated about its various benefits, personally and environmentally. So, the next time you consider improving your place, go for a practical one such as installing solar panels. This way, you save the money you would have paid on energy bills while you are living in the property,  and benefit when selling it too.

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house-for-sale-675x450 10 Reasons You Must Change to Solar Energy

7 For the sake of the environment

Working for a more environment-friendly future has become a must, a matter of existence. It is the perspective we should adopt if we want our children and grandchildren to continue to exist on planet earth. However, humanity has not fully realized the environmental challenges ahead. The actions and strategies to face them are still far away from causing effective changes. Nevertheless, you can always start with yourself. Installing solar panels on your roof will not immediately change the world, but small changes lead to greater ones in the long run.

The fossil fuels used to generate the majority of the world’s electricity produce harmful emissions,  including carbon dioxide “CO2”, carbon monoxide “Co,” Sulfur dioxide “SO2”, nitrogen oxides “NOx,” particulate matter “Pm,” mercury, and other heavy metals. On the other hand, we have solar electricity which comes from an emissions-free process. Do you think the choice needs a lot of thinking?

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8 Shows social and environmental commitment

As a corporate or business, adopting a green power system shows that you are a responsible entity towards your local, national, and global community. Always keep in mind that sustainability and social responsibility are essential aspects of an organization’s value. And as an action stirs a reaction,  consumers notably respond to such responsible gestures positively. It has been found that going green stimulates many consumers to make purchasing decisions powerfully.

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9 Boosts national energy independence

Solar electricity not only boosts your energy independence as an individual but that of the state as well. Therefore,  increasing the country’s capacity to employ the sun as a source of power should be a priority. It will isolate the country from the volatile global energy markets. So, developing efficient strategies and plans to exploit our most valuable treasures, our sun, is indeed a wise move. The increasing awareness of the people about its benefits in the field of energy is, no doubt, a step in the right direction.

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10 Exploiting vast lands healthily

Planting solar panels on vast, unexploited spaces is an excellent utilization of these areas. Besides,  it is a safe, healthy way to provide solar electricity on a grand scale for massive projects and industrial applications. These spaces are called solar farms, especially when the solar panels are installed in agricultural areas. Solar farms, also called parks, are large sets of interconnected panels that produce solar electricity. The best part is that these solar stations can be built on distant lands like those between cities and far away from capitals. You do not need to go for areas in excellent spots which will be of high value and cost. Employ swaths of lesser worth to maximize your benefit.

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solar-farm-solar-panels-675x450 10 Reasons You Must Change to Solar Energy

These were some of the many benefits of changing to solar energy. We hope that the growing awareness about solar power extends to reach more and more individuals and nations,  for it bears a better present and future for all of us and our mother nature. So, do not be intimidated by the relatively high cost of solar panels and pay attention to the effects of such transformation in the long term.

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