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10 Reasons Why to Choose Certified Hosting Company for Your Dedicated Server

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There are several reasons that Certified is the best dedicated hosting server. They offer unlimited bandwidth, top notch security, and affordable pricing. These are only a few of the reasons that Certified is a top dedicated server hosting choice. Read on to see the other reasons.

1.  Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space – They offer you unlimited bandwidth and disk space, as well as unlimited sub domains. They have a user friendly control panel.

2.  Free Site Builder and Templates – It is helpful when you do not have to design your whole site from the bottom up. The web builder and templates help you create a site you can be proud of quickly.

3.  Customer Service – The Geek Support is available everyday of the year, all day and all night. They are dedicated to the satisfaction of their customers.

4.  Money Back Guarantee – If at any time you are not satisfied completely with the hosting service then you can get your money back. This is a guarantee they are proud to stand for.

5.  Google Adwords Credit – They give you one hundred dollars in Adwords credits for you to use how you see fit to advertise your business.

6.  Protection -They have great protection for you considering you will be sharing the hosting site with other users. No one can get to your information without your say so. They offer protection for your site as well as your visitors.

7.  Email Features – The email that you get with the hosting service allows you to have unlimited inboxes, and protects you from getting lots of spam by using Spam Assassin.

8.  Uptime Guarantee – The site guarantees a 99.9 % uptime percentage. That is a lot better than lots of hosting sites guarantee.

9.  # 1 dedicated hosting company – If you read the reviews online you will see that they are well known for their customer service, and their reliability.

10.  Move Your Site – If you are unsatisfied with your hosting company then you can move your site to Certified without a huge headache.


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