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10 Reasons Why Inmotion Hosting Has Best Dedicated Servers

Inmotion hosting was established in 2001 to provide dedicated server hosting services. When it comes to providing quality and dedicated service to customers this company stands out, which is why they have won many awards over the years.

Below you can find 10 reasons why Inmotion hosting has best dedicated servers in the industry.

1. Inmotion best dedicated servers hosting company provides only top-of-line technology including Dell PowerEdge servers and Sun Microsystems servers to ensure that customers get the highest quality service. With the dedicated server plans, customers get preloaded Cpanel, firewall setup and first account configurations.

2. For dedicated hosting features, Inmotion hosting provides clients with generous amount of data transfer which starts at roughly 1500 GB monthly for the Essential plan and 2500 GB for the Elite plan. Besides that, all the plans support Linux, Windows and Mac, extra websites without setup fees and multiple IP addresses.

3. Customers of Inmotion hosting have cPanel Virtual Access. This control panel is one of the most powerful and advanced system in the industry. This allows customers to customize the controls to have all the icons which are used frequently at their fingertips. The control panel also provides more access to dedicated server customers who want to download and maintain software.

4. Inmotion is rated as the # 1 dedicated hosting company for offering some of the most competitive prices for brand name hardware and full cPanel license. Customers are not required to pay setup fees, not even for monthly payment options.

5. Customers who choose this company would get to work with one of the most recognized names in the industry. Inmotion hosting Company has BBB accreditation and perfect ratings on CNET. In addition, they have won numerous awards over the years.

6. When it comes to support, customers can expect nothing but the best from Inmotion with awards for providing top dedicated servers. 24/7 support is provided via toll free numbers and a live chat feature which scores high points with customers.

7. Inmotion hosting allows customers to choose a data center in Washington D.C. or Los Angeles. This is unlike most of the other companies with one data center or might not give the choice to select a data center with smaller hosting packages.

8. This company provides 100% customer satisfaction, plus there is no risk to test the service as there is an offer for money back guarantee after 30 days!

9. This company has the technical expertise to provide quality service with cPanel and CentOS. Inmotion hosting is quite helpful in terms of optimizing servers for different sites as well as helping with the configurations of MySQL, Apache and PHP.

10. Network uptime is excellent for the best dedicated servers hosting company. To ensure fast and reliable service, this company makes use of BGP4 bandwidth which is peered with several large ISPs for faster and shorter routes. Customers are guaranteed 99.9% network uptime.


With professional and quality customer support, excellent data center, reliable system, competitive prices and many awards, it’s obvious that Inmotion dedicated server hosting service is the best in the industry.

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