10 Outdated Kitchen Trends to Substitute

Today, kitchen interior design opts for simplicity and functionalism. It implies ditching trends that cause visual crowding or lack of practicality. We like this way of thinking and find the changes that kitchen interior design trends have witnessed accordingly are for the better.

The kitchen is a central area in each home. So, their designs should transmit positive vibes and convey a sense of tranquility. And because it is a center of an active movement, providing enough space to move around freely is an essential aspect of designing a kitchen interior. Further techniques are employed to add a sense of vastness to the place; they primarily depend on straightforward designs and benefit from the outside space. Following we present you 10 outdated kitchen trends and new substitutions of them to employ.

1 Tiled backsplashes and countertops

Tiled backsplashes and countertops is a trend that has been witnessing a decline in its popularity among interior designers as well as homeowners. Tiled countertops have been a retro whose original roots go back to the 70s and 80s. However, the trend is widely viewed today as an unnecessarily visual confusion that requires extra cleaning maintenance. Chevron kitchen backsplashes have also lost a great deal of their popularity. Nancy Fire states on goodhousekeeping that they still preserve some magic when applied with unusual techniques such as watercolor.

Better choices widely applied today are single pieces of metal or marble. Plus their simplicity, stone surfaces are of a fresh look and allow you to choose from a wide range of shapes and colors.

backsplash tiles kitchen decor 10 Outdated Kitchen Trends to Substitute - 1

kitchen decor chevron backsplash 10 Outdated Kitchen Trends to Substitute - 2

kitchen decor painted chevron backsplash 10 Outdated Kitchen Trends to Substitute - 3

Modern Stainless Steel Kitchen Backsplash 10 Outdated Kitchen Trends to Substitute - 4

kitchen decor marble backsplash and countertop 10 Outdated Kitchen Trends to Substitute - 5

2 Overusing of statement lighting

Overusing lighting fixtures in the kitchen could easily turn into a mess, resulting in a noisy look that you would do better without. Lighting should be distributed carefully to convey harmony in the place. It is ok to add statement lighting if you like them, but keep them to a minimum. It all depends on the size and interior design of your kitchen.

pendant lighting kitchen decor 10 Outdated Kitchen Trends to Substitute - 6

kirchen decor lighting 10 Outdated Kitchen Trends to Substitute - 7

3 Written signs

Decorating kitchens with favorite sayings and those of cooking has grown an old trend to apply it to a new kitchen decoration. Instead, Designer Francesco Bilotto suggests more vibrant and artistic substitutes on Goodhousekeeping such as canvas art and photography. Of course, it would be fantastic to combine the two trends by opting for a customized piece of art with one of your favorite quotes added.

kitchen outdated decor eat over the kitchen cabinets 10 Outdated Kitchen Trends to Substitute - 8

kitchen decor wall art 10 Outdated Kitchen Trends to Substitute - 9

4 The false simulations of French Country style

The French country style is a kitchen interior design trend that has misapplied in many cases. These false simulations of the style led to growing unattractiveness among interior designers. A poor application of the trend results in showy, soulless look, and even a mess that lacks the slightest harmony in the worst cases. A true French country kitchen employs simple materials such as wood, simple fabrics. It demands an earthy color palette that includes browns, mustard yellows, and warm reds.

A true French country kitchen has its undeniable charm, but make sure you are really into the style before applying it, so that you will not get bored of it after a short time.

french country style kitchen 10 Outdated Kitchen Trends to Substitute - 10

french kitchen furniture french country furniture 10 Outdated Kitchen Trends to Substitute - 11

kitchen decor french country style 10 Outdated Kitchen Trends to Substitute - 12

5 All-white kitchens

Today, many interior designers and homeowners prefer adding colors to the kitchens. At the same time, colored walls are not favorable. Clarifying this little contradiction, we say that while white walls maintain their popularity, designers and homeowners tend to be playful when it comes to incorporating colorful decorations, accessories, and kitchenware. Blue and green hues have been growing trendier for years, dominating the scene in many kitchens. Plus, grey and blue cabinets are expected to rock this year.

Significant advantages of this technique of adding colors are resilience and convenience; you could easily change the look of your kitchen with small changes in the decorations and accessories. You do not need large, pricy alteration.   

white kitchen with marbel walls 10 Outdated Kitchen Trends to Substitute - 13

kitchen decor navy cabinets 10 Outdated Kitchen Trends to Substitute - 14

6 Brass-dominated kitchens

Brass domination in kitchens has been an outdated trend for years. Interior designers are keen to get rid of all the elements that could visually overwhelm a simple, harmonious kitchen look. However, interior design is above all about creativity which means that no strict rules are available in the shop. So, if you are a fan of brass touch, do it but keep it simple and minimum as possible. In case you are looking for modern alternatives, consider satin nickel.

kitchen decor Brass dominated kitchen 2 10 Outdated Kitchen Trends to Substitute - 15

kitchen decor Brass dominated kitchen 10 Outdated Kitchen Trends to Substitute - 16

7 Window treatments

The cluttering of windows with curtains and the like has been an old kitchen trend. It could be a challenge if you live in a hot area. In such a case, consider simple window treatments that achieve the purpose practically without creating visual noise. This year trends are more about blending the inside space with that of the outside. This connection between the inside and the surrounding outside is done through windows and glass walls. The ultimate purpose of the new trend is to add light, freshness, and feeling of wide space. Another trend that aids in conveying this sense is frameless cabinet doors.

kitchen decor windows 10 Outdated Kitchen Trends to Substitute - 17

kitchen decor cabinets with frameless doors 10 Outdated Kitchen Trends to Substitute - 18

8 The kitchen island

We cannot say that the kitchen island is outdated, for it’s a massive trend that has been popular among many until today. However, a growing number has realized a side effect of it; these islands take a lot of the space of the kitchens. Therefore, regarding its domination as a huge trend, do not rush into applying it without considering other aspects including the shape and size of the kitchen space. Doing this will also assist you in choosing the island’s design and size that suits you.

kitchen decor kitchen island 10 Outdated Kitchen Trends to Substitute - 19

Decor Kitchen in Green 10 Outdated Kitchen Trends to Substitute - 20

9 Open shelving and pot racks

Open shelving is an example of the elegant, yet not practical, trends. They look fantastic in pictures, but things could easily turn into a mess when you start using the kitchen and cooking. Nothing beats having storage space to put your kitchenware in. The same thing applies to pot racks; they are less elegant than the open shelving style. However, installing a pot rack over the kitchen island stayed a trend for years before they started to lose their popularity gradually. Speaking of racks, it might interest you to know that the popularity of wine racks is, at the contrary, in a rise.

Another trend for those looking for something in the middle is glass cabinets. It conveys the personalized and stylish look of the open shelves, and at least keep your glassware and dishes away from dust.

small white kitchens with open cabinets and colorful dishware pastel colored kitchen stools 10 Outdated Kitchen Trends to Substitute - 21

kitchen decor pot rack 10 Outdated Kitchen Trends to Substitute - 22

kitchen decor glass cabinets 10 Outdated Kitchen Trends to Substitute - 23

10 Rustic wood look

Finishing the wood cabinets of the kitchen with a distressed look has become an outdated trend that is not expected to show up this year. More polished finishing of wood has been dominating the scene instead. Among the popular wood types employed are oak and walnut.    

white washed rustic kitchen 10 Outdated Kitchen Trends to Substitute - 24

Kitchen decor oak wood cabinets 10 Outdated Kitchen Trends to Substitute - 25

kitchen decor wood cabinets 10 Outdated Kitchen Trends to Substitute - 26

These were some outdated kitchen trends. While your preferences, not the trends, should be the top priority when selecting the design and decor of your kitchen, having a look at the new trends would widen your view. Knowing about the new designs and ideas enhances the quality of the choice.

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