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Top 10 Unusual Necklace Jewelry Trends in 2018

Thanks to all the kinds of progression that the universe is always beholding, fashion is one of these aspects too that are always in a nonstop evolution mode, making everyone, especially women, extremely happy and looking forward to seeing and trying everything that is new. We are all aware that fashion is an amazing method way to show how sophisticated you are, but the fashion gurus, in particular, know, as a point of fact, that it actually takes more than just an appealing outfit before you can say that you are totally on point, consequently, they always make accessories as one of the essential pieces in brushing up an outfit to the highest standards. By accessories, it could actually mean anything from purses, belts, scarves, anklets, bracelets, or necklaces.

It is obvious how girls are always fond of wearing necklaces, and no one can actually blame them because they are gorgeous accessories, but they are actually more than just an addition to the style of your outfit; necklaces are capable of revealing a part of your mysterious personality depending on what you prefer to wear. Well, whether you prefer simple necklaces or chokers, there are always a whole new trends that you might not have gotten the chance to see and if you are someone who likes to get out of their way to try new things, you will definitely fall in love with all the weird and unusual accessories that the fashion world is offering. Well, since it is time for you to keep yourself in the loop of all the new and unusual necklaces, we would like to introduce you to a list that features some necklaces that look a bit few and far between, but is still fun. Check them out.

1 Liquid Necklace Pendant
It is called the liquid necklace for a reason; exactly, it has real liquid. Well, this necklace is made of silver that is plated and attached to it, is a hanging bottle that contains real liquid. Such a necklace has surely had to be featured on this list because it looks really unusual and, definitely, you do not get the chance of meeting someone wearing this liquid necklace pendant, do you?

2 Mix Tape Cassette Necklace
Remember how simple life was back before all of the sudden advancement of technology? There were not such things as iPod or even Mp3 players, instead, we had to but those tape cassettes for every single album and each singer on their own. We cannot deny that iPod and those Mp3 players have made our lives ten times easier, but still, a part of us will feel nostalgic toward these mix tape cassettes that feel like they were from a different world. If you still have this part of you that feels nostalgic for whatever is old, you will definitely love this mix tape cassette necklace. Do not worry, it is not the same size of the actual mix tapes, but it is relatively small, so it can make wearing a necklace easy as it should be.

3 Eco-friendly Necklaces
This is a set of different necklaces that are made up from a wide range of natural materials, creating a lot of different shapes and arts. Obviously, they are known as the eco-friendly necklaces because they were designed by natural resources, and although they might seem like incredibly simple necklaces, they are actually unique and one of its kinds; you will rarely encounter people who are wearing such out of the ordinary necklaces.

4 Roll of Toilet Paper
No matter how weird this necklace looks, you will not help but fall in love with it, but how many times have you actually gotten to the bathroom wishing that you will find a bulky roll of toilet paper? Always, right? And you will surely be disappointed if you ever happen to get into a bathroom with no toilet papers. Take a look at this unusually looking necklace featuring a roll of toilet papers that actually unrolls from the top. It works and looks like a real roll of toilet paper except that it is more beautiful since it is made of tiny beads, so you normally would not want to use such a beautiful roll of toilet paper in the bathroom, but you can keep one around your neck as a sign of luck that you will find a toilet paper roll every time you think of going to the bathroom. Good luck then.

5 Silver Chairs Necklace
Remember, as a kid, when you used to enjoy playing the musical chairs with your friends? Yes, there are such beautiful memories, are not they?
Well, here is one way that you can use to keep your memories forever by wrapping them around your neck; wear a necklace that is made of small chairs, that are made of silver along with gold, and keep your childhood memories close to your heart.

6 Ice Necklace
This looks unbearably cold to let it touch your skin; it is a necklace that is made of real ice. At first, you might get stoned upon seeing such a necklace, but trust us on that one; there comes a day when you will feel like your face is literally melting away due to the extreme heat, and that ice necklace is going to be all you think about, for it will cool you off and leave you feeling refreshed, besides, you will still look unique and trendy.

7 Zip-it Necklace
A necklace made up of zippers, how unique does that look? Yes, quite a lot.
Well, for all those times that you have been desperate because you cannot reach out for your dress zipper and you constantly have to ask someone to zip it up for you, this necklace has come all the way to relieve your desperation by letting you zip it up for yourself.

8 Pixelated Jewelry Necklace
This necklace is made up from some of the most beautiful jewelry, but they are not actually some ordinary jewelry, instead, they are ones that are uniquely made to look like they pixelated, as if you are zooming in way too much into a picture of a relatively low resolution, or playing one of these old and fun video games. You can actually never go wrong trying on one of these amazingly special necklaces.

9 Hands on Heart Necklace
Do not you and your best friend enjoy taking selfies with each one of you shaping his/her hand into a half heart and linking them together? Everyone does enjoy this kind of pictures, so here is a necklace that is made to let you keep this moment forever; the necklace features two wooden hand-shaped pieces that are linked together forming a cute shape of a heart. This necklace makes a perfect gift for your loved one if you are not so good at expressing your feelings through words, so getting such a lovely necklace will certainly do the work for you.

10 Faucet Necklace
A necklace that is featuring a small faucet is actually a unique one to be listed among all the other unusual and unique necklaces. This necklace was made by the Designer Linda Loudermilk; it is fun to wear around, especially, if you happen to need water wherever you are, your necklace will be there for you.

If you liked any of those unusual necklaces, do not hesitate and go try one of them. There is nothing wrong with being different and standing out of the crowd, besides, it is really fun.