10 Minecraft Hidden Secrets Every Gamer Must Know

Minecraft game is a creative and survival game which was designed by Markus Persson in 2009. The game started as a bare-bones side project, but now it has turned to a juggernaut which has now spun off to books, toys and recently has an animated film. In the Minecraft world, players can make use of any material that they think of to create intricate structures, wondrous gadgets, and the planets. When it’s in the survival mode, these creativity turns into defenses against ghouls and monsters which the player can either avoid or defect them when searching for food and building shelter. The game has a phrase of “easy when playing, difficult when mastering” and with the new updates, it has a lot of secrets embedded in it waiting to get discovered. On an average level, the players can go around just killing monsters, gathering food, and building houses. For the hardcore players, there are magic, unknown mechanisms, dragons, a bunch of dimensions inside the game to search for, with some little tricks and quirks that you might never know. Inside this post, we would talk about 10 Minecraft hidden secrets you should know.

  1. Gravel and sand can be broken by just making use of flowers, strings, saplings, levers, torches and so on.
  2. If you need to have an extra boost along with any potion given, what you should do is to have it thrown into the sky. When coming down and lands on you it will become effective more.
  3. If you wish to have unlimited water, you have to make a square only and put into the square two sources of water in the corners. You would get enough water as you desire from it.
  4. If you are jumping across the oceans and you have a lily pad with you, you can hop on it to cross.
  5. If you are fighting a monster, when you hit them with the Blaze, it won’t do it anything, but if you get to have snowballs thrown at them they will get hurt.
  6. You know that you can craft the mushroom soup by making use of the bowl, brown and red mushrooms, and workbench. There is a way again you can craft it-just by having a Mushroom milked. ( on the fungus have it right-clicked along with a bowl. It would give the Mushroom soup).
  7. Music discs are very hard to find/ obtain inside the dungeons. There is a way you can have them. When a skeleton has a creeper killed by making use of his arrow, it’s most likely that the vine would have a green or golden record dropped.
  8. Shears are be indicated as what to use to break cobwebs but any sword also can be made use of, and when the fiber is destroyed it would have a string dropped.
  9. If you have a boat or Minecraft ride on inside end portal, you won’t be sent to the end but when you get the exit, it will. If you can make a gravel/ sand block fall inside the end portal, it will go inside the entrance and disappears.
  10. If you want to have some trash thrown away, look for the cactus that is closer and have your trash thrown inside there.

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Can we play Minecraft on PC?

  •   Yes, Minecraft can be performed on PC.

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What is Minecraft Realms?

  •   Minecraft Realms is being referred to as a subscription-based service that is official which let the players manage and create their personal Minecraft servers. Mojang is hosting this. Realms do provide a fast and easy way for servers to be designed and enables the owner to be able to manage them right from the game inside, without having any knowledge before of the hosting concepts. Inside the Java Edition, it also allows the players to pick from minigames list to play it temporarily, even with a lot of pre-made adventure maps, world templates, inspiration maps, and experience maps. The Maps do get updated every two weeks by Mojang. Realms aren’t intended for broad public servers; it’s for family server or friends in groups.

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Realms requirements are as follows:

  •  You need to have Mojang account (only Java Edition) or the Xbox Live (only Bedrock Edition) and also Minecraft premium copy.
  • An internet connection that is working
  • You have to be 13 years upwards before you can join the Realms community

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How to find Diamonds

  •  One of the items that are sought after most in Minecraft is Diamonds because they can be used in having strong tools, armor, and weapons created which are available inside the game. It’s very rare to come across in Minecraft, and it can only be found inside the rocks which are at the deepest level.

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How do you find the diamonds?

  • Natural diamond ore: diamonds can be gotten from the diamond ore. This block is extremely rare that can be found in stone from level 5 to 16. It can be located beneath the layer 16 anywhere but mostly common around level 5 to 12. How to see the ore falls into two categories which are mining or caving.
  • By caving: this is decidedly less resource-expensive when compared to mining. Though is time-consuming and very dangerous because you have to explore monster-filled dark caves, to have diamond located by caving, you should investigate any of the caves you see and have your way worked downward till you are below level 15. Press F3-this will assist you in checking how deep you have gone.
  • By TNT: having TNT blown up is a swift way to mine, though you have to kill large numbers of the creepers to get gunpowder and also plenty of sands. Once there is enough TNT, you can blow them up one by one, or have a big clump detonated, or have a block placed every 5 meters.
  • Branch mining: this method is safer and reliable more than caving, though it consumes tool-crafting resources more. It also generates very much gravel, spare cobblestone, dirt — andesite, granite, and diorite.
  •  Having other ores mined: if you are at the right level sometimes, diamonds can be found by having other ores mined to see if there are diamonds that are hiding at their back though this is very rare.

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Best Minecraft Servers

  •  Minecraft Official site
  • PrimeMC
  •  Hypixel Network
  •  Desteria
  •  Minecraft Central
  •  CubeCraft Games
  • JartexNetwork
  • Grand Theft Minecart GTA
  • Badlion Network
  •  MomentoNetwork
  •  OlimpoCraft
  • SupersonicMC
  •  Minecraft Middle Earth
  •  Survival Horror (MOD)
  • Purple Prison
  • BlazeVortex
  • UniverseMC

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