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TOP 10 Greatest Ads That Will Amaze You!

Commercial advertisements are the way of presenting a product to people. They are based on convincing them to buy the product. The advertisement’s designer does his\her best to design an ad that is interesting, attractive and persuasive at the same time. It is not an easy work to persuade someone with a product in a short period of time as the advertisement is showed in just a minute. Sometimes it is more than one minute with just few seconds and other times it is less than one minute. The advertisements’ designers compete between each other to present the best and more effective ads. The TV ads may be more interesting than the print ads because there are animation and music in the show with which we interact. It is important for the advertisements to be shown between the famous and most seen programs to guarantee being seen by a huge number of people.

There are many advertisements that were launched this year by companies. Some of them are good, effective and touches the heart through the way of presenting the theme of the ad. The others are considered to be bad and not effective. Here are some of the greatest and persuasive ads that were released this year by different companies and for different products.

-Anheuser-Busch company “Budweiser Brotherhood”: This ad will really touch your heart as it is about a horse and its owner. They are gathered together after being separated for a long time.

The Clydesdales horse

-Tide brand:The ad is about a miracle stain that is vanished after washing it with Tide.

Tide ( Miracle Stain )

-Ram brand: The ad shows farms, farmers and trucks. The Ram trucks are presented to help farmers.

Ram Trucks ( Farmer )

– Doritos brand: The father and his friends are wearing women dresses and play with the little girl for Doritos. It is a funny ad.

Doritos Fashionista Daddy

-Jeep brand: The ad is about families who are waiting for the soldiers to return back from war. They return in Jeep cars and all people receive them to return as a whole again.

Jeep ( whole again )

-Kia brand: It is really a very funny ad in which a child asks his father about the babies and from where do babies come. The father tells his son that there are space babies and they come from another planet to the earth to find their mummies and all of this happens while they are riding a Kia car.

Kia ( space babies )

-Doritos brand:One of the funniest ads in which  a man buys a goat that is used to eat Doritos and when he hides Doritos from it, it attacks him. He did not notice from the beginning that its owner who sold it to him was injured. 

Doritos ( Goat for sale )

-M&M’s brand: The red M&M’s Chocolate sings a song for the girl whom it loves and it is ready to only do any thing for love but not to do other things such as being eaten.It is a joyful ad.

M&M’s love song

-OREO cookies brand: A funny ad which will make you laugh. Grown people fight in a library about the best part in OREO ( cream or cookies ). They whisper and do not fight loudly because they are in a library.

OREO ( whisper fight )

-Milk brand: This ad is introduced by the famous wrestler The Rock who meets some people who need help and he can not do that because he wants to catch the milk car to get milk and begin his day.

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