10 Fastest Ways to Get Rid of Deodorant Marks

Summer is here and is hotter than ever, with degrees rising more and more each year extremely sweating is inevitable. And in this situation there is only one hero to save us from suffocation in public transportation, yes, DEODORANT! We all use it, we all love it, but unfortunately our clothes don’t share the same feelings. You wake up and put that white t-shirt you love on and just before you leave your room you find, BAM, those ugly yellow deodorant marks ruining your look. We all hate that, right? But no worries, these following tips on how to get rid of those annoying marks and even how to prevent them, could save the day.


Well how do you get the stain in the first place? It’s because deodorant liquid gets stuck on fabric then dries on them making it super hard to remove. So the basic tip here is to put on the deodorant then wait 30 seconds for it to completely dry before putting on your clothes. For a quicker effect you can use a hairdryer on the area you applied deodorant to or just stand in front of a fan (quite obvious).

If you can’t wait or you are too late for something, there is one other way. Get dressed first, then pull out the shirt and to apply the deodorant by going up the shirt, this ensures you apply the deodorant on the needed areas without any contact with the fabric, but of course this depends on the type of clothes your wearing; a tight dress for example will be a bit hard to pull out. So you’ll just have to follow the previous tip.

Also it is very important to wash whites and light-colored clothes right after taking them off. This prevents the bacteria in the sweat from reacting with the deodorant’s ingredients, therefore preventing the formation of the yellow stains commonly found on the clothes armpit area.

If you only found out these tips now and already have been victims of deodorant stains laying in your wardrobe, no worries, we also know how to remove them.

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The most commonly used way is rubbing the garment against itself to break down the deodorant residues, but it’s not the best recommended method as some types of garment may get stretched out due to the pulling and friction, some fabrics also are too delicate to be rubbed, they can form pills or get ripped. This tip could work perfectly though with cotton t-shirts for example. Other more delicate ways are:

1 damp cloth

Seems like such a simple solution, right? Well it is. And it works really well. Bring a washcloth or a rag and wash it with only water then wring it out really well. Make sure it is wrung until it is no longer wet but only damp. Using a wet cloth will make your clothes moist and uncomfortable. All you need to do then is to rub the white streaks on your clothes with the damp cloth and voila. You can even do it while wearing them.

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2 Baby wipes

Most women have them in their bags all the time anyway, mothers especially. Use a wipe to clean out the deodorant marks on your clothes; the positive point about them is they come in handy when you’re not at home and are easy to carry with you in your bag.

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3 Microfiber sponges

Guess what! Those sponges you use in washing dishes, cars and kitchen surfaces turn out to have other benefits as well. Gently rub the fabrics with it and it will breakdown the clogged stain.

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4 Pantyhose

It may sound weird but yes, you can use pantyhose or nylon stockings or even a clean sock to remove the stains. This is perfect for delicate fabrics like silk. Rub It against the clothes before throwing them into the washing machine. (Pro tip: works great with colored clothing)

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5 Makeup remover

Most women already have this at home, makeup remover actually can clean foundation and powder stains of clothes as well. Whether the wipes or the liquid version of it (The wipes are more efficient because they are low on moisture but they both work).  Just apply it on the stain and let it work.

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6 Jeans

Like pantyhose was not weird enough! Yes, you can also use jeans to rub against the fabric, but of course since jean is a rather heavy fabric, don’t use it on thin ones. Preferably use this method with sturdier fabrics like wool or denim.

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7 Dryer sheets

If you have a dryer at home then you probably have a box of these to prevent clothes from getting together while drying. Here is another use for them though. Best used to remove the white chalky streaks on dark clothes.

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8 Deodorant remover

There is actually a product for it, yes! Even though using stuff you already have at home is more affordable, you may not want to risk with some of your favorite clothes. Deodorant removers are found in stores in the form of sponges or hand-held dry pads that rub off the marks from fabric.

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9 Foam rubber hangers

The trick in the previous point is that store bought “deodorant removers” are nothing but foam rubber. Where do you find that? Well do you notice that fiber on the dry cleaners clothe hangers that prevents clothes from slipping and falling off? Yep, that’s made of rubber foam. You can save your money instead of buying the remover and just remove the foam of the hanger and use it on your garments.

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10 Aspirin

Keeps getting weirder? we know! Crush 3-4 tablets and add three parts to one part water. Rub onto the stain and leave it for 2-3 hours. Then wash the garment with hot water (this should only be applied to white clothing) . You can follow the same steps using a paste of bicarbonate of soda for yellow dried stains.

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