10 Fascinating and Unique Ideas for Portable Gardens

Plants are the source of life for many people as in addition to their scientific benefits, they give the place in which you live a fascinating shape that relaxes your mind and eyes. It has become very common to grow plants inside our homes, in the yards or on the roof if it is strong enough to carry a garden. There are plants that are deep rooted and are impossible to be transmitted from one place to another. It is sometimes considered to be a big problem and force you to sacrifice your own garden. Some people need to change the place of the plants for renewing and refreshing the shape of the place in which they are put, for putting plants in shadow or in sunlight as they need or want to transmit them to another room or building. When you change the place of living to move to another home or apartment, you feel sad because you are going to leave your garden behind you ,after exerting a great effort and spending money to build it, without being able to take it with you.

To solve this big problem, you will need to use what is called portable gardens. Portable gardens are very helpful because they are easy to be carried and enable you to change their place whenever you want. Even if you are not always moving from one place to another, they will be very effective for those who do not have a yard in front of their homes to transform it to a garden or have small houses and apartments that do not have enough space for plants to grow.

Containers of portable gardens can be found in different shapes that meet your requirements whatever they are. They are light in their weight and do not need a large space to be installed like the traditional gardens. The best thing about planters of portable gardens is that they can be put at any place whether it is small or large. Most of these planters are cheap and do not cost you a lot of money.

-Pots: They are very common and exist in different materials, sizes and colors to suit the place in which they are put.

Portable Garden
runner up hanging basket wendy and gordon
Portable Garden
diy off the wall suspended gardens
Deck Pots
balcony gardening

Carts and wagons: The wheels of the carts and wagons help you to move your portable garden easily even if they are heavy.

Herb Wagon
Portable Garden
Portable Garden
1st day planting the garden

Bag or sack garden: that can be used vertically or horizontally according to the size of the space that is specified for growing plants. They are cheap and will not cost you money.

Portable Garden
burlap planters
sack planter
Portable Garden

Boxes: In order to make a planter on your own, you will need first to decide the size of the box in which you will grow your plants and then bring wood that is cut into pieces and glue the wooden pieces  to each other to form the shape of a box.

Portable Garden
sqpansy box
urban gardening raised beds
diy box planter

Fabric planters: There are many planters that are made of fabrics such as woolly pockets that can be used for hanging plants on walls in any room such as the living room. Woolly pockets can also be used on flat surfaces for decoration instead of the artificial plants.

Woolly Pockets Yellow Flowers
woolly pocket wall planter
woolly pocket living green vertical wall garden
woollypocket picotte photography
living wall planter indoor lowres

Green houses: They can be easily carried and are effective for protecting plants.

Flower house
Portable Garden
flowerhouse conservatory
orchidhouse portable greenhouse
alpine portable greenhouse planter

The planters can be got by recycling old things that you do not need anymore instead of throwing them.

Bath tubs: You can use old bath tubs that can not be used anymore. They are very good planters for plants that have deep roots.

AP bathtub planter
mobile patio garden
bathtub planter
Bathtub kids flower garden
Bath tub planter
Portable Garden

Sinks: The sinks that are thought to be useless can be used for growing plants.

sink planters

Toilets: They are a good portable planter in which you can grow deep rooted plants.

toilet planter garden
toilet & basin planters

Watering cans and kettles: You may find a watering can or a kettle in your house in which you will not be able to put water anymore. You can use them to grow your favourite plants.


mackenzie childs tea kettle
frontdoor planter

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