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10 Expert Tips For Women To Look Taller

Most of women want to look tall and model-like, it is not a difficult way to do this as there are many elements which could help you to look taller than you are. Here we will show some expert tips to look taller.



1. Wear shirts with vertical stripes: this trick will help you to look taller than you actually are. Try to avoid horizontal lines as it could make you look bulkier and shorter.

 2. Wear clothes with V necks: V necks are great in adding height and length to your neck, so add almost some vertical lines to your look. Avoid wearing round neck as it will make you look shorter and bulkier. Empire cut dresses, short skirts and strong cuts that defined waists are great solutions to look taller.




3. Try to cut your hair short or you can push it up as this will help in making your face look slimmer and longer.


4. Wear dark colors like black, brown, purple and navy blue as dark jeans: These colors could make you look taller. “If you are wearing two different colors then make sure that the bottom is darker while the top is lighter. This would make your legs appear longer than they actually are,” says Narendra Kumar.

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5. Avoid frills, baggy or chunky: wide clothes, heavy jumpers, oversize t-shirts or chunky jewellery are all things which could add weight to your look.



6. Wear simple clothing without lots of details: avoid wearing clothes with slogans, graphics or writings on them. These kinds of clothes will be a total distraction to the streamlined image which you want to be.

petite-woman tall5



7. The measurement of your jeans should be on a regular size: this means that the high waist jeans could be an example of high-rise, while the low waist jeans could be a low-rise. Try to avoid the jeans where the crotch is dropped.



8. One color head to toe: it is a great way to wear all your clothes in one color, this helps in making you look taller.



9. Wear long necklaces will add more height to your look.


10. High heels: you can wear them to look taller, but only if you feel comfortable in them. High and compensated heels, shoes which are more open on the front are great for looking taller. Straps should be worn only with jeans. “Avoid ankle strap shoes if you are of an average height,” advises Sabbah.






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