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10+ Cool Back-to-School Outfit Ideas for 2018

The first semester is going to start soon. It is approaching quickly. So, whether you love your school or hate it, you have to prepare yourself for welcoming the first semester and going back to school. The start of school is not always boring. There are some interesting things you can enjoy like having new friends and wearing new outfits for a catchy look. To hate going to school does not necessarily mean selecting anything to wear and looking boring. You have to care about your appearance and what you wear wherever you go even while going to school for learning. By saying wearing new outfits, we do not mean spending a lot of money and purchasing new pieces of clothing for school. You can still wear the clothes you already have at your wardrobe, but in a new way. To learn how to do this, take a look at the following cool back-to-school outfit ideas.

1 Suits

If you want to look like a cool girl, you will need to wear a statement suit. Although suits are usually worn to add a formal look, you can easily wear them to look cool and different at your new school. By pairing your statement suit with a nice T-shirt of your choice and catchy sneakers, you can simply get the unique look you want.

2 Jeans

Jeans are among the most popular and comfortable pieces you can wear to school. By pairing your jeans with a suede jacket, bomber jacket, sleeveless jacket, T-shirt, sneakers, or studded boots, you can become catchier and more stylish. You can select any design you like to increase your beauty and elegance. There are embroidered jeans, striped jeans, skinny jeans, flare jeans that are inspired by the 70s, and more. If you want to update your old jeans and make them catchier, add cool patches for an elegant and impressive look.

3 High-waist trousers

Do you want to get the elegance of a dress and the comfort of pajamas? If your answer is yes, then you have to try wearing those high-waist trousers. They are available in different colors to help you select what suits your taste and matches what you have at your wardrobe.

4 Miniskirts

Miniskirts are perfect for teenage girls to wear to school. They are also great for different seasons even those cold seasons. Miniskirts with floral prints are excellent for hot seasons especially spring. You can pair your miniskirt with anything you like such as T-shirts, but do not forget to tuck your T-shirt into your skirt to become more impressive. If it is cold and you want to keep your legs warm, then try to wear thigh high boots or tights to solve this problem.

5 Mixed prints

What do you think of changing your look through mixing prints? It is one of the easiest ways you can resort to for quickly getting a stylish and elegant look. By pairing a plaid skirt with a leopard jacket, you can easily become catchy and unique.

6 Monochrome look

If you find it difficult to mix different prints with each other, then you have to try a monochrome look. You do not need to waste a long time looking for the colors or prints that match each other. You can select different pieces of clothing in the same color and accessorize them with a contrast color for a fascinating look.

7 Overalls

If you still find yourself confused and do not know what to wear or very lazy and do not want to exert any effort to select something to wear to school, then you can easily opt for wearing overalls. They are among the most popular pieces you can wear to school. They are also the easiest pieces to wear as you can layer your overalls over anything you like such as a T-shirt and select sneakers for a more casual look.

8 Denim jackets

Denim jackets are among the most essential pieces you should have at your wardrobe to wear to school. They can be layered over anything you wear without problems. They are perfect for all seasons even those hot seasons. So, what do you think of purchasing a catchy one this year?

9 Dresses

Wearing a dress is another perfect choice for you to look elegant and catchy while going to school. Dresses are available in a wide variety of colors, designs, and fabrics to help you select what suits your taste. If you want to easily and quickly change the look of your dress, then you can layer a top over it to turn it into a skirt or layer it over a long sleeve shirt for more warmth. This great idea can help you winterize those summer dresses that you adore and cannot leave even in the cold seasons.

10 Band & graphic tees

Do you still need more casual pieces to wear to school? What do you think of wearing band or graphic tees? They are catchy, impressive and can help you get the elegant look you want as well. So, if you think that those plain and white tees are boring and do not help you look catchy, then you can opt for wearing those amazing band or graphic tees that are more stunning. These tees can be paired with anything you like such as jeans, overalls, shorts, skirts and more.

Other back-to-school outfit ideas you can try include all black outfits, a striped dress paired with a denim jacket, a floral dress, a leather pencil skirt paired with a floral blouse, a shift dress, a maxi dress over a plain tee, a casual T-shirt paired with sneakers and pencil skirt, a chambray jumpsuit layered over a t-shirt. You can also try pairing a denim romper with boots, lacy top and shorts, floral sneakers, gingham pants with a moto jacket, a chambray frock, a maxi skirt and leopard blazer, bell sleeves, classic white tees, layered blouses, emoji outfits, velvet outfits, lace-up shirts, a maxi dress with sneakers, kimono, and more outfit ideas that are presented by Pouted lifestyle magazine to help you get inspired.