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10 Branded Gifts & How They Build the Company’s Reputation

Companies are struggling hard to ensure that they gain a fair share of their respective markets. They always adopt one marketing strategy or the other to ensure that they remain relevant in the minds of their customers and also the industries which they do belong to. It is a competition, and if you aren’t up to it, then you could be pushed out of your market even before you know it.

Amongst the various strategies adopted by companies, there is one which has been completely ignored over the years. It entails the giving of branded gifts to clients and customers.  As simple as this may sound, it will have the most impact on the overall performances of your business.

The major aim of this post is to present you some of the top branded gift ideas that you can use to grow your business beyond what it is at the moment. They will indeed have an incredible impact on the reputation of your company.

1 A Gift Basket

Most businesses do this one, but they don’t do it the right way because most of the time the items in the gift basket are what they don’t need again. It is very wrong as such can have a negative influence on the reputation of your business. You need to put customized products in the basket. These are products which have got very high value.

One fantastic thing about this idea is that it can make your clients or customers see that you hold them in high esteem. Of course, nobody wants to patronize a business where he or she will be treated inferiorly.

2 A Unique Gift

It takes time to make, and it is also expensive since it will be addressing each client specifically. However, no doubt that it is worth all the hassle. What you need to do here is look at your customers individually and present something which looks like them. It could be T-shirts that have their names and so on.

This can give the reputation of your business a significant boost as customers like it when they are respected and being thought of. A general or random gift will have an impact on how customers see your business, but this idea is a better choice.  Just take that extra step.

3 Impulsive gift

Impulsive gifts can have a huge impact on the reputation of your business once done the right way. They take customers by surprise, and there is always this feeling of excitement whenever they are given. For instance, you own a restaurant, giving customers a plate of food or coffee for free is a way of sending out impulse gifts.

The reason why customers are excited about gifts such as this is that it usually helps them save some bucks along the line, plus the factor of surprise.

4 Membership Gift

Do you run a training program that involves people having to subscribe for some period in order to gain access? This could be perfect, and it also helps to improve the performances of your business over the course of time.

Send out membership gifts to members who are expected to last for some period. You can also look out for those who are reluctant to subscribe for one reason or the other and give them a gift such as this.

5 Donation Gift

This gift idea is all about trying to add value to lives in one way or another. Major brands around the world usually make use of it. While you may not be able to do it big as these brands due to financial constraints, there is still something you can do for the people living around your business place.

This can add lots of value to your goodwill when taken seriously because customers will see you are not just a selfish person who is only interested in making profits.

6 Healthy Gift

This can also be referred to as a corporate gift idea, and it can work wonders in the minds of your customers. Just have them registered in a fitness program within a given period. One thing about this idea is that it helps to ensure the establishment of a connection or relationship between you and your customers. There will be this feeling of gratitude towards you inside them.

7 Tour Gift

Most clients love this one. In fact, do it and rest assured that this gift will advertise your business to others. It entails footing the bills for the trips of your customers. Ensure that it is a location where they can have great fun. This is one gift idea that your customers will talk about for years to come.

8 Books

This gift idea doesn’t have much impact but can still be great enough when used because lots of persons are not into reading. The best way to go about this one is to ask your customers whether they love books or not. You can also send ebooks to reduce the cost.

There are businesses where this method will work very well; for instance, if you sell health-related products, you could send your customers an ebook on a particular health problem. Customers naturally love free stuff, and you can rest assured that they will always take on such offer.

9 Good Night Rest Gift

It may sound a little over the top, but no doubt that it has been working for most companies that have tried it out. It is like wishing your customers the best as they sleep to prepare for the next day. To do this, give them something such as pajamas. They will have you at the back of their minds.

10 Magazine Subscription

This can have the most amazing impact on how your customers see your business. There are lots of magazines that you can choose from to get them subscribed in. All you have to do is choose the one that is relevant to whatever product or service that you are rendering at the moment. Of course, most customers love membership subscriptions but can’t afford the rates.  Offer it to them on a platter of gold and watch their reaction towards what you are selling.