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10 Best Outdoor Wedding Ideas in 2018

Wedding days are commonly called the big days, and that is quite true because you only get to live such a beautiful day for once in your lifetime, and you, definitely, want it to be perfect. Girls, in particular, dream of having weddings like the ones in fairy tales, and they cannot be blamed, it is a lifetime event. In our modern world, outdoor weddings are becoming more and more popular, and they are quite enjoyable. Whether you like your wedding to be traditional or unconventional, we are providing you with a pool of ideas from which you can choose and mix between them, so no worries cause we got your back. Check these ideas out.

1 Wedding Invitations

As a bride or a groom, there are probably thousands of thoughts going on your mind; planning your wedding day is not a piece of cake, but we are going to provide you with the essential ideas you are going to need to get everything started. It goes without saying, the first thing you will have to plan is the wedding invitations. This can easily be done by choosing a design for your cards before sending them. Simplicity is always the key; keep it simple and they are going to spread warm welcomes to your guests.

2 Signposts

Since it is an outdoor wedding, you do not want your guests to get lost trying to find their seats, the drinks, or the cake. To avoid such a hustle, create signposts acknowledging everyone the direction of their desired destinations.

3 Floral Theme

Since you are going to celebrate outdoors, you do not have to get confused about the theme of your wedding, because nature got your back, so let it take control and it won’t let you down. Flowers and trees are always beautiful to look at, so distribute colorful flowers here and there and let them add a dazzling view. To show more pride in your selected scene, provide some flower crowns, so all the female guests can wear them on and feel beautiful. We assure you that this idea is going to spread a positive energy everywhere.

4 Create Hay Grass

If you do not want to go traditional when it comes to the seating, try creating some hay grass and throw colorful blankets over them; they are going to look awesome.

5 Hanging Tables

Carrying on with your unconventional settings, have some tables being hung with ropes onto the trees. They are going to look creative and new. On these tables, provide all the essential stuff from dishes and cups, and it would be a great idea if you provided a small handmade basket full of handkerchiefs for all the joyful tears that are going to be there.

6 Illuminating Trees

If your wedding is going to carry on through the night, it will be a great idea to wrap around the surrounding trees some strings of lights and illuminate your place beautifully.

7 Drink Coolers

It goes without saying, drink coolers should be present everywhere providing different kinds of drinks, so none of your guests will feel left out.

8 Cake Table

Do not forget to place a big displaying table on sight where you are going to provide the wedding cake. It will also be nice to provide cupcakes as well with different colors and shapes; it is going to be very lovely especially if there is going to be children at your wedding.

9 Flip Flops

Since you are going to be on the grass, dancing is not going to be that easy. Show your guests that you have put their comfort into your consideration, and provide baskets full of flip flops for everyone, so they can dance confidently and freely.

10 A Backyard Movie

Here is one more idea for having an unconventional wedding party; if the weather is suitable for a gathering at the backyard, then provide a big screen out there where you can play a nice movie for everyone to watch. This is a non traditional way to celebrate your wedding day, especially if you are a bit shy or not so much into dancing, so you can make your wedding day more like a get together with your loved ones, instead of a dancing party.