10 Most Attractive Victoria Secret Perfumes

Perfumes are a vast world that a lot of ladies and gentlemen enjoy exploring. Who does not enjoy pleasing and refreshing their senses with the numerous scent combinations that reflect a variety of tastes and moods. Fragrance brands are many. However, Victoria’s Secret indeed stands out among the crowd with its classy, rich, and attractive scents that have been drawing the admiration of women.

Following we present you 10 of the best perfumes of Victoria’s Secret. The list is inspired by the selections of famous magazines such as Allure and Stylecraze, along with perfume rating websites, including Fragrantica and Influenster.

Victoria’s Secret fragrances

The renowned Victoria’s Secret’s original launch was in San Francisco in 1977 as a lingerie fashion house. Roy Raymond, the founder of the brand, initiated it to fill a gap in the market and provide men with a place where they can shop for lingerie for their ladies comfortably. Victoria’s Secret perfume line started with the launch of Victoria, their first fragrance in 1989. Since then, the brand has produced a lot of perfumes and scented body care products many of which are inspired by their clothing and lingerie lines.

1 Bombshell

Loved by many women, Bombshell is Victoria’s Secret number one best-selling perfume. Since it appeared in 2010 until today, it has been highly demanded and praised. The irresistible scent is a combination of purple passion fruit, Shangri-La Peony, and Vanilla Orchid notes. The result is a perfect balance between soft, edgy, and deep. Bombshell is rated 4.1 on Fragrantica and identified by most of the reviewers as a spring/summer fragrance for the day. The fragrance was released as an Eau De Parfum in 2016. The Bombshell collection received awards from the Fragrance Foundation twice.

Bombshell-perfume-e1554051450128-675x563 10 Most Attractive Victoria Secret Perfumes

Bombshell-Eau-De-Parfum-perfume-e1554052023216 10 Most Attractive Victoria Secret Perfumes

2 Tease Eau De Parfum

The new fragrance appeared only last year, however quickly stirred the admiration of many ladies. It consists of vanilla, musk, chocolate, sandalwood, amber, and benzoin as base notes, and middle notes of gardenia, jasmine, and magnolia;  the top notes are pear, red apple, and mandarine. The charming scent is rated 4.7 on Fragrantica. It is considered more suitable for the cold season according to the reviewers.

Tease-Aue-De-Parfum-perfume-1-675x523 10 Most Attractive Victoria Secret Perfumes

Tease-Aue-De-Parfum-perfume-2-675x675 10 Most Attractive Victoria Secret Perfumes

3 Heavenly Eau De Parfum

A warm, light, yet mature fragrance, Heavenly Eau De Parfum includes tones of white musk, vanilla, sandalwood, and White Peony, achieving a fantastic balance between fruity and floral. The fragrance came to light in 2014 and witnessed updates, including new bottle topped with angel wings. It is more suitable to wear in the day than at night; Heavenly is of moderate longevity and sillage. The Victoria’s Secret best-selling is rated 3.8 on Fragrantica. Besides, it’s the second on Stylecraze list of the top 15 Victoria’s Secret perfumes and rated 5/5 by the magazine.

Heavenly-Eau-De-Parfum-perfume-675x746 10 Most Attractive Victoria Secret Perfumes

Heavenly-Eau-De-Parfum-perfume-2-675x762 10 Most Attractive Victoria Secret Perfumes

4 Scandalous Eau De Parfum

Scandalous Eau De Parfum is primarily a sweet fragrance with fruity, milky, floral accords and a nutty hint. It includes notes of raspberry liqueur, black peony, and sweet pralines, a combination that makes it sexy as well as provocative. The fragrance was launched in 2014, and it is of moderate longevity and sillage; it looks quite classy with its carved-glass bottle and black satin bow. Scandalous is rated 4 out of five stars on Fragrantica and 4.6 on Influenster.

Victorias-Secret-Scandalous-Eau-De-Parfum-675x675 10 Most Attractive Victoria Secret Perfumes

Scandalous-Eau-De-Parfum-perfume-1-675x675 10 Most Attractive Victoria Secret Perfumes

5 Love

Love is a breezy scent with soft to moderate sillage and weak to average longevity. The perfume is green, fruity, fresh with a hint of sweetness, yet it is a mature scent. It comprises juniper, and apricot accords. To add mysterious and fictional dimensions to the perfume, Victoria’s Secret includes boyfriend tee among its notes! It appeared in 2017 and is rated 3.9 on Fragrantica and 4.6 on Influenster.

Love-perfume-Victorias-secret-675x675 10 Most Attractive Victoria Secret Perfumes

6 Lace Orange Flower

When launched the Lace Orange Flower collection, Victoria’s Secret stated that it took the inspiration to create the fragrance from their lingerie materials, specifically lace, satin, silk, and cashmere. The subtle collection appeared in 2009, and it consists of four fragrances, including Lace Orange Flower Fragrance Mist which has grown a favorite of thousands of women. The scent comprises primary accords of white floral, citrus, and aquatic. The perfume is rated 4.1 on Fragrantica and the mist 4.6 on Influenster.

victorias-secret-Lace-Orange-Flower-perfume-collection-675x675 10 Most Attractive Victoria Secret Perfumes

victorias-secret-lace-perfume-1-675x697 10 Most Attractive Victoria Secret Perfumes

7 Wicked Eau de Parfum

Wicked is another perfume that appeared in 2017 and directly found its way to the hearts of numerous women. It is derived from an earlier scent of Victoria’s Secret which is Crush. However, Wicked, as the name suggests, is bolder and edgier. The fragrance comprises notes of black sugar, Tahitian vanilla, and freesia. The perfume is rated 4 on Stylecraze, 4.2 on Fragrantica and 4.8 on Influenster. It is a warm, sweet scent with a perfect balance between floral and fruity that many ladies view to be suitable for the cold seasons. It has moderate to long-lasting longevity and sillage. And because the sweetness of it is a bit overpowering, it is widely worn in the evening.

victorias-secret-Wicked-Eau-de-Parfum-2-675x522 10 Most Attractive Victoria Secret Perfumes

victorias-secret-Wicked-Eau-de-Parfum-675x716 10 Most Attractive Victoria Secret Perfumes

8 Basic Instinct

Basic Instinct is a floral-fruity, mature scent that conveys a sense of mystery which is emphasized by its purple bottle with rhinestones. The fragrance was released in 2004 and has been a favorite, classy option for a lot of ladies. The rich fruity floral perfume has notes of apricot, gardenia, vanilla, tuberose, patchouli, and plum. Basic Instinct is identified as a night fragrance at the first place and rated 3.6 and 4.4 out of five stars on Fragrantica and Influenster, respectively.

victorias-secret-basic-instinct-perfume-2-675x675 10 Most Attractive Victoria Secret Perfumes

9 Pure Seduction

Pure seduction belongs to the Secret Garden collection of Victoria’s Secret. You can have it as a perfume or body mist. It includes floral, fruity, sweet, spicy accords along with herbal and green hints. The fragrance contains notes of melon, freesia, and plum. Pure Seduction is of moderate longevity and sillage. It is rated 3.9 on Fragrantica, and the mist 4.7 on Influenster.

perfume-pure-seduction-body-mist-e1554195336669-675x766 10 Most Attractive Victoria Secret Perfumes

10 Night Eau de Parfum

Victoria’s Secret Night is a classy, warm, and sexy fragrance that was launched in 2013. The intriguing scent is a mixture of sweet, woody, floral, and fruity. It is a rich perfume that comprises top notes of apple, dark wood, jasmine, orchid, lemon, and musk. The middle includes black plum, Hamptons beach flower, violet, tiger lily, purple peony, along with base notes of dark amber, sandalwood, bourbon vanilla, black raspberry, patchouli, and musk. Night Eau de Parfum is of moderate longevity and sillage which make it wearable in the day however more suitable for the night. The perfume rating on Fragrantica is 4, and it is 3.5 on Stylecraze.

victorias-secret-Night-Eau-de-Parfum-675x826 10 Most Attractive Victoria Secret Perfumes

victorias-secret-Night-Eau-de-Parfum-2-675x675 10 Most Attractive Victoria Secret Perfumes

These were some of the best fragrances of Victoria’s Secret. We hope that you find among them valuable additions to your perfume set for spring/summer 2019. The approach of breezy spring is perfect timing to make a couple of new perfume selections and enjoy the senses of freshness and renewal.

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