Top 10 Most Beautiful Colorful Butterflies Species

Butterflies are the second-largest group of pollinators of flowers in the world. These creatures go through four stages of metamorphosis during their development. They also feed on their eggshell when they are first formed. Butterflies are of more than 20,000 species with different colors and shapes. They can grow between 0.125 inches and 12 inches in length.

As many as these lovely colorful butterflies species may be, they do have some commonalities that they all share. For instance, they only see three types of colors – yellow, green, and red. They’ve got tons of qualities that set them apart from one another. In this post from Pouted lifestyle magazine, you will find out the ten most beautiful colorful butterflies species.

1 Crowned Hairstreak

The inhabitants of Mexico and Ecuador should count themselves fortunate to have this type of butterfly. This beautiful butterfly has got a wing that is as long as 60mm for the males. They are popularly called the Evenuscoronata or simply the Crowned Hairstreak. This beautiful colored butterfly is not common among these corners. Anytime you see them, they are either flying around in their amazing blue or green color.

Beautiful Colorful Butterflies Species

Crowned Hairstreak Beautiful Colorful Butterflies Species

2 Chrysiridia Rhipheus

Chrysiridia Rhipheus is a gorgeous gift of nature that was classified initially as a moth. The classification remained that way till DruDruli reclassified it into the Papilio category of butterflies. This butterfly can be found in one of the world’s largest islands, Madagascar. They are gifted with six tails and can grow with wings as long as between 6 and 11cm. They usually lose their tails within their lifetime.

Chrysiridia Rhipheus

Chrysiridia Rhipheus Butterflies Species

3 Janetta Forester

The continent of Africa must be proud to have something as magnificent as the Janetta Forester. They are typically colored red, orange, green, or metallic blue. This butterfly spends virtually all of its life in the rainforest. It is often known to go wherever there are fruits; hence, it loves to fly close to ground level.

Janetta Forester Butterflies Species

Colored Janetta Forester Butterflies Species

4 Amber Phantom Butterfly

The Amber Phantom Butterfly is undoubtedly a remarkable piece of nature. If you are skeptical about their uniqueness, then take a second and consider their transparent wings. They are often found to associate themselves with bamboos within the deep rainforests. That is one of those butterflies that you don’t get to see now and then in broad daylight.

Amber Phantom Butterfly

Beautiful Amber Phantom Butterfly Species

Amber Phantom Butterfly Top 10 Most Beautiful Colorful Butterflies Species - 1

5 Rhetus Periander

The amazing blue color of the Rhetus Periander goes a long way to indicate how beautiful it is. The Rhetus Periander hangs out alone or prefers to move in a group where they are very few in numbers. They love to have fun in the mud anytime they are done mating. There has been evidence that this unique creature does feed on the juice produced from a dead tarantula. These species aren’t clingy like most other butterflies.

Rhetus Periander

Beautiful Rhetus Periander Butterflies Species

Rhetus Periander 2 Top 10 Most Beautiful Colorful Butterflies Species - 2

6 Teinopalpus Aureus

The Teinopalpus Aureus is decorated with green and gold colors that sets it apart from a host of other butterflies. It is privy to a rapid and robust flight. Plus, let’s not forget the fact that it looks astonishingly beautiful. However, there is still a lot of missing information about this glorious creature because it’s one of those butterflies that you only get to see once. And there is also an existing Chinese law that protects it from those who are hunting for it.

Teinopalpus Aureus Beautiful Colorful Butterflies Species

Beautiful Teinopalpus Aureus Butterflies Species

Teinopalpus Aureus Butterflies Species

7 Blue Morpho Butterfly

Anyone who has seen the Blue Morpho Butterfly would agree that it is one of the most colorful butterflies species that has been discovered so far. It belongs to the group of the most abundant butterflies worldwide. And it is known to feed off fermenting fruits. They are known for closing their wings occasionally as a means of warding off predators. The male Blue Morpho Butterfly is more colorful compared to their female counterparts. The males are like that because they need those colors to compete for females and gain territory.

Blue Morpho Butterfly

Blue Morpho Butterfly Species

Beautiful Colorful Blue Morpho Butterfly Species

8 Blue Clipper Butterfly

The Blue Clipper Butterfly is one of the fastest flapping butterflies around. It can only be found around the Asian continent. The Blue Clipper Butterfly is used to feed on the tropical plants of Lantana. They exist in brown and blue color types. If you have never seen the Blue Clipper Butterfly, you surely owe yourself some sightseeing experience that cannot wait for long. Scientists have not been able to determine the length of their wings for apparent reasons.

Blue Clipper Butterfly
Blue Clipper Butterfly
Beautiful Blue Clipper Butterfly Species
Beautiful Blue Clipper Butterfly Species

Blue Clipper Butterfly. Top 10 Most Beautiful Colorful Butterflies Species - 3

9 Western Blue Beauty

Move around the western coast of the African continent, and you would come across beautiful sights of the Western Blue Beauty. It is also known as Protogoniomorpha Cytora. Watching them sunbathe in lowlands is a feeling that will leave you in awe. It does its sunbathing activities while spreading its wings out in the process. The Western Blue Beauty is proof that butterflies are incredibly charming and a fantastic gift of nature.

Western Blue Beauty

Colored Western Blue Beauty Butterflies Species
Colored Western Blue Beauty Butterflies Species

10 Birdwing

The Birdwing is known as one of the largest butterflies. It can take up to 30 days to complete its maturation after it has been formed. This butterfly species has a different color for the males and a different color for the females. The female species are brown. Nevertheless, whenever a female Birdwing lacks the usual bright yellow and bright green colorations, they become occupied with white markings.


Beautiful Colorful Birdwing Butterflies Species
Beautiful Colorful Birdwing Butterflies Species
Beautiful Birdwing Butterfly Species
Beautiful Birdwing Butterfly Species

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