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10 Awesome Decor Ideas to Borrow from Pinterest Influencers

Everyone feels bored of the unused stuff and old decorations which occupy a large portion of the place because it has become useless. In this article, we will introduce ten simple and creative ideas to reuse old objects by using inexpensive tools to change old home decorations and come up with a great aesthetic shape with little effort and low cost.

1 Keyholders

Keys are small objects that we use daily. We cannot deny the importance of it. By using available materials in the house, we can make a stylish and quite easy holder for the keys and add a little fun to the keys chain. The keys circles will save and carry the keys in effortless way. It will protect the keys from loss and keep the place organized.

2 Shelves

Instead of buying new furniture pieces you can recycle old wood, or use some simple stuff and use it as a wall shelf for flower vases and books, or a decor item for television or shelves to put some decorations. Make good use of the unused materials that occupies a large place without using.

3 Balcony decoration ideas

We can decorate the balcony by using old stuff and rewinding it. Old instruments like a guitar and plants could add a rich addition to the decor of the house, the rooms and the Balconies in particular. You can customize a specific place in the balcony to make a special corner and grow some potted plants.

4 Mason jars decoration ideas

Lighting and decorative jars, in general, gives a delightful touch at home. We can re-use empty jars for lighting, or as vases for flowers and home decoration ideas. And today we will use the old and empty jars simply with flowers and addition of light fixtures. Doing this, you will notice a great difference in the place.

5 Painting ideas

There is no doubt that the wallpaper gives a wonderful look in the home decoration. But with the high prices of wallpaper, we will introduce you some innovative ways to make walls similar to wallpaper. To apply it, first, paint the wall in the appropriate color then make forms on paper or buy some templates and create your patterned walls. This way you will add a beautiful and distinguished touch on the walls in an innovative, simple and inexpensive way.

6 Doors decoration

By using paint and brush you can change the look of the interior doors of the house. In an easy and innovative way, you will come up with a wonderful door. Also, you can make it easier by using ready-made templates and coloring them.

7 Electricity switch buttons decoration

In an easy and innovative way, you can add an aesthetic touch to the keys of light in the home. By drawing some simple graphics or using ready-made templates.

8 Photo frames

We could hang photos on walls of the living room and corridors at home. Employ them as decorations by putting frames on the entire wall or on shelves in any corner of your place.

9 Exploitation of narrow spaces

In narrow places such as kitchens and bathrooms, we can make side shelves to put things on them in the bathroom and add a wastebasket in the kitchen. They will save space and maintain the aesthetic form of the place.

10 Small living room ideas

The living room is an important part of the house; in it we spent much time reading, watching TV, and knitting, but we may encounter the problem of narrow spaces in the house. The following pictures show small places and angles that can be exploited in the living rooms.


In the end, after reading this article, you can make good use of the simple objects that seems useless in the house, such as wooden shelves, empty jars, and empty baskets and recycle them. And with some minor changes, you will get decorative touches at home.  All these ideas are inspired by Pinterest influencers.