Top 10 Accessories Every Living Room Should Have

Living room means the busiest place in the house so obviously more accessories. There are a number of accessories that you can use in order to decorate your living room. In the case you got the chance to redesign your living room, what would be your ten must have accessories? For us these are the ten accessories that everyone should buy for their living rooms:

1 Chandelier

Who doesn’t love luxury? When designing the living room, one thing you must spend your money on is the chandelier. They look more than gorgeous, and they have the ability to add a look of extravagance to any space no matter where you hang it around. There are plenty of designs available in chandeliers these days; prices vary from materials and designs. If you have a high budget, I would recommend you to get the crystal chandelier; there is nothing more luxurious than that.

Chandelier Top 10 Accessories Every Living Room Should Have

2 Plants and Artificial Flowers

Don’t you like greenery in the house? Plants and flowers look so vibrant and they will make your living room look fresher than it ever was. The natural plant is something that every living room should include; keeping it near the window is the best option unless you have shade loving plants. Other than that, you can pick your favorite flowers and set it up in a corner in a beautiful vase; they look the best in the corners. Flowers also look pretty next to the television area or the floating shelves. I would recommend you to get the artificial flowers for the kitchen since they are less expensive and need little to no maintenance.

plants Top 10 Accessories Every Living Room Should Have

3 Rugs and Mats

A comfortable mat that goes easy on your feet is what every living room craves so get a nice rug or mat for your living room and fill up this essential need. You must make sure that the rug is made up of soft material and nice texture, and also, obviously a beautiful pattern. Rugs make every living room a whole lot more welcoming, and your guests will love it too even if they don’t say it. You can find various rugs in the markets these days; they are available in a wide range of sizes and styles. You can select one according to your price range.

rugs Top 10 Accessories Every Living Room Should Have

4 A central table is another must

Because the details matter the most! Even if the other big furniture receives all the attention, the little things in the room also help make the room look finished or complete, so a central table is a must to have a thing. No matter how great the sofa set is or how amazing the television area is, the central table has its own use and is completely necessary when we talk about the décor of the living room. You can decorate the central table with different antique pieces or the candles of course.

CENTRAL Top 10 Accessories Every Living Room Should Have

5 Candles

Did you forget about the candles? Well, I personally consider them a must! Even if it is not that cold or if you’re not thinking of arranging a romantic candle light dinner, you must still keep candles around. Candles can make your living room a lot cozier, exceptionally comfortable and warm. The best part about candles is that they look very attractive, and are visually pleasing no matter where they are so you can display them anywhere in the living room, for example, on the center table or the bookshelves. You can even keep them in your dining area if you have a dining table near the living room.

CANDLES Top 10 Accessories Every Living Room Should Have

6 The happiness of the living room, television

Television is that one thing that mostly keeps everyone occupied in the living room. In the case you don’t like watching the TV; other people in the house or your guests will surely love it. Additionally, there are a variety of televisions available in the markets, for example, the smart TV that you can use for other things other than watching the regular TV channels. Smart TVs can also play any video you want it to and hey, how can you forget about the Xbox?! You can attach your play station or Xbox to the smart TV and play as many games as you like. This is the best especially if you have kids at home.

television Top 10 Accessories Every Living Room Should Have

7 Pillows and Cushions

Pillows and cushions have their own advantages; they can add that cozier look to your living room. Even if you have the coziest sofas in the world, you need some cushions just in case the guests would want some extra support. There are many people who just enjoy having loads of cushions with them as they believe it makes them feel more comfortable.

cushions Top 10 Accessories Every Living Room Should Have

8 Curtains make a difference

Curtains are like a free ticket for you to give the room more color. They can make your space all more refreshing and colorful instantly. You should pick vibrant curtains for your living room, so they do not just disappear into the background because you want them popping out, right? You must not go for the colors that are light in the shade; pick a deep color that talks behind the room. You can get the curtains in various patterns and textures, so you have a lot of options to choose from.

curtains Top 10 Accessories Every Living Room Should Have

9 Family pictures/Art

To make the living room more comfortable and to make it feel like home, you should start adding some family pictures to the wall; this will additionally give it a very personalized touch. The living room does not look welcoming if there are no such pictures.

family Top 10 Accessories Every Living Room Should Have

10 Artwork is crucial

The last but not the least, an artwork is crucial. A living room is incomplete without the artwork. Arts can be used express yourself. You can express your feelings with the help of artwork especially the paintings. Art can make a room more attractive and sophisticated as well. You can look for paintings online or the art exhibitions taking place in town.

art-work Top 10 Accessories Every Living Room Should Have

I believe it helps you out. Have a wonderful day!

Julie-Austin-150x150 Top 10 Accessories Every Living Room Should Have
Guest Writer:

This post is written by Julie Austin. She loves traveling, home decorating and hanging out with her friends.


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