Friday , September 21 2018
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Sorry, But These Swimmer’s Toes Are The Stuff Of Nightmares

TOES ARE THE FINGERS OF THE FEET, Y’ALL. Guys, I'm so sorry, but it has come to my attention that swimmers have really insane toes. PLEASE PREPARE YOURSELF. LOOK AT THESE TOES CURLING AROUND THE BASE OF THE PODIUM!!! Martin Bureau / Getty Images TOES LOVINGLY WRAPPED AROUND …

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We Need To Talk About This Brazilian Gymnast Right Now

Hooooo my lord. Arthur Nory Oyakawa Mariano is a 22-year-old Brazilian gymnast from São Paulo competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics. Alex Livesey / Getty Images He won gold in vault at this year's World Challenge Cup and silver in the all-around at the World Cup in Glasgow. Alex Livesey …

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LOL, A Guy Named Steele Johnson Is Competing In The Olympics

Not even sorry about this one. This is your boyfriend, Steele Johnson. Instagram: @steele_johnson "Hi there!" Instagram: @steele_johnson He's a diver competing as part of Team USA in Rio. Streeter Lecka / Getty Images He looks like this… View Entire List › READ MORE From Buzzfeed ….

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Sushi Burritos Wrapped In Hot Cheetos Are Here, ‘Cause Why Not?

What a world. Just when we were getting ~comfortable~ with sushi burritos… Instagram: @kpkoenig The Low-Key Poke Joint in California is taking it to the new level. Cartoon Network They wrapped that shit in hot Cheetos. Instagram: @foodwithmichel That's right. You can go somewhere, build your own poké burrito, and …

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Simone Biles Is The Freakin’ Queen Of Everything

Bow down, world. On Sunday night, the Queen of the Universe, known by her human name as Simone Biles, had the best scores out of everyone for floor, vault, AND beam (for which she got a standing ovation). Emmanuel Dunand / AFP / Getty Images Reminder: This beam is only …

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