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Top 10 Places to Visit in 2014

On holidays, we prefer to visit new places in order to discover the world around us and to enjoy new things. There are many places in different countries all over the world that deserve to be visited. Some of these places are historic and are known for many people while the others are really exotic and stunning to attract many people. Sometimes, you find yourself confused when you try to decide where to spend your holiday and what are the places that deserve to be visited.Here,we present to you some places to visit in different countries around the world that are really amazing and will help you to refresh your mind and enjoy your time.

Musee du Louvre, Paris, France:

One of the most famous tourist attractions in Paris and in the whole world. This museum that is open since 1793 includes a huge number of magnificent and attractive works of art as there are about 35,000 pieces exhibited in the museum to attract many tourists from different countries around the world to enjoy seeing these pieces and especially Mona Lisa.

joconde -
Musée du Louvre France

The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt:

These pyramids are among the Seven Wonders of the World that attract many tourists every year to watch them. They were built thousands years ago by ancient Egyptians for burying their great kings and they put with the dead kings all what they may need to use when they come back to life again such as food, drink, servants, clothes and gold. The three pyramids of Giza belong to the great ancient Egyptian pharaohs kings Khufu, Khafre, Menkaure. You can also see the Sphinx that has the head of a human and the body of a lion.

great pyramid sphinx john spier
pyramids fantasy

Machu Picchu, Peru, South America:

This structure was built in 1400s and was discovered 100 years ago. It is thought that it was built for Inca emperors. The structure is situated on the top of a mountain and extends for about eight kilometers. It attracts many tourists every year to enjoy he magnificence of the building.

Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu Peru1
Machu Picchu Peru

KeliMutu lakes, Indonesia:

The Kelimutu volcano is situated in Flores, Indonesia. It is famous for its three crater sulfur and colorful lakes that exist at the top and their colors always change. In this place you can enjoy hiking, climbing to the rim of the volcano and experiencing a new adventure by looking at the lakes especially at night which may seem scary.

Kelimutu Flores Indonesia

Niagara Falls, Canada:

It is the most famous waterfall and is known as the largest one in the whole world. In order to enjoy the beautiful view of the waterfalls, you can see it through the bridge or to go in a boat tour that takes you close to the waterfalls.

niagara falls tour
maid of the mist vii niagara falls ontario canada

The Grand Canyon, USA:

It is one of the most famous places that attracts many tourists because of it’s great depth as it is about 1,800 meters deep, 277 miles long and 29 kilometers wide. The canyon was carved by the Colorado River. There are many activities can be done there such as hiking, riding donkeys, climbing, rafting, sightseeing and other activities that you can do in such a stunning place.

Grand Canyon
arizona grand canyon

Angel Falls, Venezuela:

It is the highest waterfall in the whole world that may look terrifying. In this place you can enjoy seeing the waterfalls in addition to doing other activities such as climbing, parachuting, canoeing near the waterfalls and other activities that allow you to enjoy your visit to this place.

Angel Falls
amazing angel falls venezuela
breathtaking landscapes angel fall dragon falls venezuela

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia:

It is known as the largest coral reef in the world. It’s situated in the Coral Sea, Australia. This place offers many activities that you can do such as scuba diving and snorkeling to watch the amazing view of more than 2,900 reefs.

snorkel at australias great barrier reef
Twin Bommies, GBR
Great barrier reef
liveaboard diving the great barrier reef
Clouds of reef fish and corals, French frigate shoals, NWHI

Ice Canyon, Greenland:

The canyon is more than 40 meters deep and was carved through meltwater to form its current shape. The activities that you can do over there are skiing and mountain climbing.

Melt Zone
Ice Canyon Greenland National Geographic

Bahamas, Caribbean:

One of the most fantastic places to which you can go to relieve your body and brain. In the Bahamian islands, you can enjoy the awesome weather, the beauty of the beaches such as Cabbage Beach on Paradise Island and enjoy doing many activities such as scuba diving, rafting, hiking, swimming and other activities. There are also the dolphins that can be seen and enjoyed by both adults and children on Grand Bahama Island.

dolphens in the bahamas by nikkirockz
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