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How to decorate your outdoor wedding

Your wedding day is the day of your life. All the ladies and men dream of that day and how it will look like in the future. The engaged couples and even those who are not engaged look forward to having the most dazzling day on the wedding day. You should care about everything and all the details of the wedding day such as what you will wear, where you will set your wedding and how you will decorate it.

The most difficult thing in all of that is your wedding decoration. You have first to decide the place where you want to set your wedding. If you are a classical person who follows traditions then, it will be suitable for you to set it in indoor places. But if you are a non traditional person who does not follow rules and traditions then, you can set your wedding in outdoor places. There are many outdoor places for wedding such as the garden or backyard of your house or the parents’ house, public parks, beach, vineyards and forests. You can choose the suitable place for setting your wedding. You can also set it in the day or evening. If the place is the beach then, you will enjoy the view of the sea and you have to care about the fabrics of your wedding dress as it should be light like chiffon and silk.

beach. beach

If you like the grass view then you can set the wedding in the garden or a public park. It will be fantastic and the natural view will make your wedding more beautiful.

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For the place where the couples sit, it can be in the form of the Raj tent that looks like the Indian tents and it has an Indian name. It can be in the form of a canopy that takes the shape of a square. It can be decorated with lights like fairy lights, floating balloons and tulle fabrics.

the-raj-tent-club-tent  outdoor-wedding-ceremony- tent. tent tents

For the wedding reception, it can be decorated with tulle and flowers on both sides. The tables and chairs should be covered with suitable fabrics like satin and decorate the chairs with beautiful bows. Care about the centerpieces on the tables as you can use vases of flowers and crystals but unfortunately you will not be able to use candle holders or floating candles. If there are trees in the place then, you can decorate them by lights especially in the evening and this will make them look beautiful.

outdoor_wedding_cake_6 party-garden-wedding-ideas Wedding_Persimmon wedding-flower-centerpieces-pink-roses-wax-flowers- wedding tables set for fine dining outdoor-wedding-lighting-1-800x600 Wedding Lighting Ideas and Inspiration - Candles on the Grass Floor Champagne-Ivory-Blush-Rose-Wedding-Centerpiece- flowers center pieces

It will be necessary for you to know that outdoor weddings are considered to be a challenge to nature as it can be windy, rain may fall, it may come to be hot and there are also insects. Outdoor weddings may come to be coasty and more expensive than the traditional weddings. All of these things should be taken into consideration when you decide to set your wedding outdoor in order to avoid spoiling the day of your life.

Finally, try to start planning for your wedding early enough before the wedding day in case you decided to modify any thing you planned and try to choose a good wedding designer who is capable of applying your thoughts and wishes for the wedding day.