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Gray Wolf Is A Keystone Predator Of The Ecosystem

The Gray Wolf is belonging to the integral ecosystem in which it belongs as one of the keystone predator. This kind of wolves can thrive in many habitats which reflects the adaptability such as taiga, tundra, mountains, grasslands and the temperate forest. The gray wolf or grey wolf is a wild species from remote areas like north Africa, north America and Eurasia. It is the largest wolves as for males averaging 43:45 Kg and females 36:38.5 Kg. Its proportions and appearance could be like to the sled dog or German shepherd but the gray wolf  has bigger paw, larger head, straighter tail, longer legs and narrower chest.

Gray Wolf 3

Gray Wolf in Snow



247698-wolf.jpg howl 777

It is known that this wolf is wild enough with expressive behavior as it can hunt the large preys. This wolf has a winter fur which is bushy and long, its color at most is mottled grey and it could be brown, pure white, black or red. It also could eat small animals, garbage, large ungulate, carrion and livestock.





Many books were written about the grey wolf as it has a long history with human. It has been hunted and despised in many agricultural communities because of its attacks on the livestock.






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