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Discover the Furniture Trends for 2014

Every year, we find that there are new furniture trends which distinguish one year from the other or previous years. Some of trends and features that were existing in previous years disappear, while there are others that are revived although they may be very ancient and considered to be exotic. Things disappear, new things come and we wait to see what can be taken to suit our budget and to renew our homes. The main aspects of the new furniture trends that are going to be found in the coming year are reviving the past, leaving traditions and being unique. Most of the features that were found in old ages such as Egyptian, Greek and Roman ages will come back again to us to be found in our homes and this appears in paintings or can be carved in different pieces of furniture. For more information about the furniture trends that are expected to be found in the coming year, we present to you the following features.

– Ancient furniture: One of the main furniture trends for the coming year is returning back to the old ages such as Egyptian, Roman and Greek ages and using pieces of furniture that they were using or those that carry shapes and painting that can be found on the walls and columns in the ancient temples.

ancient ancient furniture

egyprian Table chair

– Large sized furniture: The pieces of furniture that are going to be used in the next year will be large in their size and heavy in their weight.

GABRIELLE_CHAIR upholstered_c_lg big

– Patterned furniture: Using patterns in furniture, fabrics and wallpapers are expected to be found in 2014 and the most used patterns are the floral ones that can create a natural atmosphere in your home.

patterned GetPhoto floral Floral-Design living room pattern

– Stone furniture: Tables and chairs that are going to be made of stone. They will be like a mountain, so how are you going to move it? It is your man’s role who is going to show his strength in the next year, it is men’s year. If you hate the pieces of furniture that are made of natural stone, then you can use those that are made of fabrics but look like stones.

stone stone. Coco-Travertine-Onyx-Stone Marble-Coffee-Table-Furniture Natural-Stone-Wicker-Outdoor-Furniture-Setgal2 stone shaped zm_feltwoolstones

– Raw materials: The materials that are used in making furniture such as wood and metals are going to be used with their raw state which means that they will be found with their original nature.

raw showpic Modena rect-dining table and chairs. Thicker table top leaf raised on burnishes steel-chrome framing legs, this table complete with two captain chairs and four side chairs Wooden-Melamine-Home-Furniture-Bedroom-Furniture bedroom dining Wood-and-Metal-Dining-Table-Chair

– Geometric furniture: Using geometric shapes for forming furniture is going to be one of the hottest trends for the next year. You can find circular, cubic and other geometric shapes that may look exotic for you but they are stylish and will make your home look inviting and fabulous.

geometric nucleo_histogram_trio_low1 picplay global-view2 dining. coffee table Contemporary-dining-room-sets-91 geometry accent6

– Vivid and soft colors: There are many colors that are going to be found in the next year such as the yellow color that is thought to be the predominant color in the coming year. There are other colors that you can use in your home such as emerald and olive green, purple, orange, lavender, turquoise, blue, pink, dark red, dark gray, gray iron and other colors that can be used for furniture, paint and fabrics. You can also use the white color and pair it with other bright colors such as red, orange and green or make a combination of black and white to look more amazing.

extraordinary-white-marble-dining-room-with-black-furniture black awesome-yellow-living-room-furniture 2014-Living-Room-Yellow-Seat-Sofa-Designe-Models-18 yellow-bedroom-furniture yellow-white-bedroom-color-scheme gary Interior-Red Easy night Rotdunkel Nussbaum red-dining-room-moderndesign living-room-colors-trend-red-cushion-white-sofa Orange-Sofas-Living-Room-Best-Home-Decors64 grey contemporary-bedroom-wall-art bed11 living room. blue-living-room-interior-design-ideas Living-Room-Furniture Modern Chairs Purple Color With Glossy Silver Backrest And Glossy White Rectangular Table at Contemporary Dining Room Magnificent Purple Bedroom Daytime purple